What a week! I say that in a good way! I enjoyed learning about library research. I have very little experience, but I have always been intrigued by libraries and their unknown treasures. Now I get to learn how to find the treasure!

Professor Davis has been a great addition to this course, in my opinion. She is so friendly and helpful. She has the perfect librarian personality. I look forward to continuing to learn from her.

I have been struggling this week to get my work done. I thought that I was beginning to get a schedule down, but this week has proved that idea to be wrong.

I have struggled every step of the way this week. I believe that part of the problem is my kids being out of school so much. They had two days off for President’s Day and Ella was sick on Wednesday. This is just a continuation of the past several weeks. I am in a completely different frame of mind when they are (more…)


I usually just have a loose schedule in my head of assignments, a to-do list when things get crazy and my Google calendar for appointments.  To-do lists are what keep me sane.

Covey’s example of the man who needed to gain back his integrity inspires me. “Your integrity is at stake.” “So don’t make a promise and break it. Start smaller.” I need to take small steps to get a grip on my time.

I agree with Covey’s generation system. I am in generation two because I put appointments in my calendar and that helps me to plan for meetings and appointments.

What Covey says about those in the second generation is true of me. “Other people become interruptions or distractions that keep them from sticking to their schedule and carrying out their plans.” I get too task-oriented and end up criticizing those who are helping me. (more…)

This week has stretched me more than I thought possible. However, I’ve heard that those who bend do not break. I am happy that I did not break! In the past year I have made many strides, in many ways in my life. However, there are still so many ways that I can improve. God is leading me to the life of peace and happiness that he desires for me and I am grateful for His leading. It may not be easy, but it is very rewarding.