Sunday morning we were listening to Princess practice a song she was going to sing for church. She was going to sing “Zacchaeus“. Little Man just randomly yells out, very clearly and loudly, “That’s BS!” We were shocked, but we cracked up as we realized that he meant that it was a song they sang at VBS. He had just failed to say the “V”. Kids can be so dangerous when they are still developing their language skills! Even funnier, both the kids started laughing with us like they understood what was so funny. Of course, they didn’t. It was great comic relief. I had to, very carefully, tell everyone else when they got to church. They thought it was pretty funny, too.


This week I’m helping St. Peter Lutheran Church with their VBS. The theme is Quest for Truth. I get to help the kids do crafts! I love crafts, so it’s a perfect job for me. My kids are in the youngest group and they have even brought two friends this week. Last year, both Chris and I helped but this year Chris is in a play and practice is every Monday through Thursday night. Friday night Chris scheduled a concert in the coffee shop he has going in our church basement. So, I offered to take some of the kids whose parents are also in the play. It made it a little easier for them this week.

I enjoy seeing my kids learning and getting involved at things like this. One of the leaders asked for volunteers to pray and Princess’ hand shot up. It was great. I have some idea what she would have prayed and it would have been hilarious, but I enjoy her enthusiasm. She would likely have prayed,

Come Lord Jesus, be our guest
and let this food to us be blessed.

Maybe she’ll still get a chance before the week is over. No matter what she prays I will be proud.

Little Man starts Headstart this fall and I’ve been a little concerned that he won’t like it because he is a homebody. But last night at VBS he was singing and stomping to the music. Princess wasn’t anywhere near him and he was perfectly happy. I don’t think I need to be worried at all. And as an update on his burn, he is doing great. It will soon be healed.

Tonight is water night. All the kids have to bring their swim suits. The 5th and 6th graders get to go swimming in someone’s pool and everyone else gets to play water games. I think that they are all pretty brave. They start with age 3. My son is will be 3 at the end of September, but they let him stay because I’m helping. Can you imagine getting 15 two to four year olds in and out of their swim suits?! Yikes! That is why I like helping do crafts. None of that for me! I’m sure the teenagers in charge of them will do fine though. They have plenty of energy!

These pictures are of my kids getting their certificates of completion and singing a great song titled, “Bugs for Lunch” (lyrics).