My January has been full and bumpy. I think I have the winter blahs and I think I always get them in January. I’m going to have to pay attention next year and see if it happens again. I remember last January was like this. Anyways, I’ve kinda let everything slide, including the blog, of course. I haven;t even been keeping up with all the blogs I normally read. I haven’t even been online like I usually am. I’ve been online, but not really doing anything, I guess. I kinda surf the internet with glazed eyes. I feel like I’m walking around with glazed eyes this month, too. I hope that February gets better.

That’s not what I think I’m going crazy about, though. My hubby started his masters this past September and since then I have been loudly objecting to his suggestions that I do the same. In fact, I think I was objecting more to the voice inside my head than him. He didn’t actually mention it very many times. Well, now I’ve decided that I can do it. If he can do it, I can. And why shouldn’t I? Actually there are lots of reasons I should. His degree will be useless monetarily, while mine would actually get me a decent job so I could pay off all of our student loans (undergrad and grad). At least, hopefully. I am terribly competitive and I guess I have to see that someone else can handle it before I believe I could handle it, too. I did that when we got licensed. I had no plans to do it, but then it just kinda happened! I’m a follower that way I guess.

Another good reason to do it would be that I’m online so much, I may as well have a good reason because that is the only way that I would be willing to go school at this point. Also, I would be getting my degree at just about the perfect time for me to go back to full-time work. It’s a three year degree and I would finish as my youngest completes kindergarten.

I am a little torn as to what my major should be, though. I’d like to complete my graphic design degree. My undergrad was in Christian studies. It was like two half degrees in church planting and graphic design. I transferred a bunch of design classes into my Bible college degree. So, the graphic design side has been pretty useless because I only have some of the knowledge I need and I lack the confidence to try to get a job. I had one interview and I felt so completely lacking, that I never tried again. And it was only at a company that does telephone directories. I need more classes mostly to boost my confidence. However, I would love to do photography. I love photography, but I lack decent equipment. I would have to get the equipment with that degree, though. And it would be loads of fun! I have less chance of a good paying job in my area, though, I think. My last quandry is how to make an art degree fit with my pastoral self. I feel led to do both. I have since I was at Bible college and finally decided on my major there. But, making it fit together and be something that unites my inner self has been difficult. I am passionate about both. Preaching will always be first because I feel a stronger call to that, but design isn’t far behind. I know God wants me to use both for his purposes. I just wish it were all a little clearer.

I’m looking at the Academy of Art University’s online classes. They are located in San Francisco.

Any thoughts?