Hi all!

I was tagged by Tara Sloan of Destiny Driven and I decided to do the meme because I’ve learned some stuff about myself recently that I can tell you! So, here it goes…

1. I was thinking about doing my masters, but I’m not going to because I don’t think the timing is right.

2. Many of the things I do, I do to fill a need. That means that if there is no need, I don’t do it even if it would be fun and beneficial. How dumb is that?

3. I have a Christian life coach and I LOVE her! I highly suggest that everyone think about getting a coach to challenge you to move forward in your life.

4. I’m a Lostie. It’s true.

5. Eating sugar makes me cranky. Weird, huh? And I love sugar!

6. I am more open to finding a new hobby than finishing projects I have already started in hobbies I already have!

7. We have been given about 15 boxes worth of books in the past 2 months. Some close friends are moving and my mom is moving from her trailer to only one room. That means I have books coming out of my ears! But I can’t wait to read them. They range from fiction to non-fiction to reference to Bibles.

There you have it! Now I will tag:

Mary Beth Bradshaw
Ilona Hadinger
AnneMarie Hauger
Diane Roth

I think I’m supposed to tag seven, so if you want in, please feel free!